2013-06-10 18:50:28 by plasmatic0

Hopefully this will be the last post/ thing that i do on this profile. I have recently been doing YouTube videos with a friend named Ethan on another channel that do game-play videos but hopefully you'll like it and if you do please spread it to your friends but not your parents(for some reasons). A08R8ptnEJ6jgJcw


2013-05-21 17:23:04 by plasmatic0

Yea, I've thought about it and i've finally come to the conclusion of starting a different account. The reason being that the alias i created 5 years ago was at the time where i would just put plasmatic and then some number between 0-9.Another reason is because i didn't post anything for close to five years on this profile which kinda embarrasses me that i didn't even make an effort back then to even make it into the portal. With that being said the next picture I'm submitting will be put onto that profile. I'll hopefully post a link of the profile here.
Aaaaaaaand here it is

Happy Pico Day

2013-04-27 09:02:32 by plasmatic0

Happy Pico Day everyone! thats it, go on back to your business